Winter Raffle 2018/2019


Only £5 for a booklet of 5,  or buy any number at £1 each

To buy raffle tickets click on the Donate button at the top of the page,  and fill in the donate amount in whole pounds (£). Click on the blue ‘Donate’ button on the PayPal page if you want to pay with PayPal, or on the ‘Donate with a card’ if you want to pay with your credit card.  A line saying ‘Add special instructions to the seller’ appears in the next page. Write Raffle in that.

We will fill in the tickets for you, enter them into the draw and email you the numbers.

Thank you.

The raffle draw date is 25th January 2019. All ticket numbers in our inboxes when we wake up on the morning of the 24th will be entered into the draw. Any tickets bought after that date will be regarded as a donation and  will not be entered into the draw.


The  lovely Raffle prizes are

1st Prize:  Spa Day choice for 2

2nd Prize: Family Day ticket to the Eden Project

3rd Prize: Riverscape by Maureen Sweeney

4th Prize: Tea for 2 choice

5th Prize: Earrings and Pendant by Urban Faerie

6th Prize: Bookshop voucher

The Eden Project that you could be visiting with a winning ticket 

The raffle is open to all Uk residents, except the trustees of Rainforest Saver and their immediate families residing with them.

If you don’t want to buy raffle tickets could you consider making a donation? Our winter fund raising is essential.