No.67A Happy Christmas. Happy Holidays.
By Tiiu Miller | Ultimas Noticias No. 67A December 2015

We wish all our readers and subscribers a Very Happy Christmas, if you celebrate Christmas, or a Very Happy Holiday for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, but nonetheless get a break at this time of year. And to all, we wish a Very Happy New Year.

We look forward to a great New Year at Rainforest Saver. We have had grants to do more work, so we expect we, and particularly those who actually work on the projects on the ground, will be extra busy.  It can be very hard work to take the Inga to far away places on difficult roads, but that is where the farmers who most need it live. We are committed and passionate, and will work with good will to alleviate poverty and save the environment for the benefit of all.

Thank you all for your support over the past year.

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With best wishes,



Tiiu-Imbi Miller, Mrs., PhD.


The Rainforest Saver Foundation 

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