No. 110 We are Crowd Funding!
By Tiiu-Imbi Miller | Newsletter No. 110 December 2021

Have you heard about ‘empty forests’ in Africa? The trees are still standing, but the animals have been decimated by hunting.  Inga alley cropping is designed to keep the trees standing but one of our Cameroon partners, Linus Arong, has been very concerned about the extensive hunting that is going on in the Korup National Park, one of the most biodiverse places in Africa.  Much of this is from the villages where he is promoting Inga alley cropping.  In a three month period a total of 2678 animals were hunted and killed in 6 villages.  If the forest loses the animals then there will be nothing to fertilize or distribute the seeds of some, particularly the larger, trees.


Rainforest tree.  Can you find the person?


Linus has got the hunters on side to stop hunting, indeed they would be glad to, if we provide them with pig farming instead.  So this crowd funding is to enable us to do that.  


Keeping pigs and having Inga alleys will go well together.  The increased yields from the Inga alleys will enable them to grow food for the pigs too. Commercial feed is expensive.  


The project is called:

End bushmeat hunting and feed villages in Cameroon


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Other organizations have tried offering the hunters alternatives without much success.  Linus and his assistants are all local, and he listens to the local people.  It was the hunters themselves who said that pigs were what they wanted. He has brought Inga alley cropping to these villages already and harvests from the Inga plots have all been much better than what the farmers were getting before so the people know to trust him. We do believe that we are better placed to get to grips with this huge problem than many others have been.  We will begin with a small pilot just in Fabé village, which is Linus’s home village. 

Harvest from an Inga alley.


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Thank you very much.