No.39 Some highlights from 2012 in pictures
By Tiiu-Imbi Miller | Newsletter No. 39 December 2012


Gaston Bityo’s Inga nursery was finished early in the year, and  8000 seedlings were grown in it.

We were able to get Gaston the much needed truck, thanks to some very generous donations and great fund raising efforts by our members.  The first photo is of the truck loaded ready to deliver seedlings to Akonolinga. The other two photos are of the training session there.

Atanga Wilson Nebafor from Buea is now starting Inga work with Gaston


Dr. Dodson is making the FunaVid area into as self sufficient and environmentally friendly a place as possible. He has already brought clean water from the mountain to not only FunaVid but the small local community as well, and is creating an eco-tourist trail on the mountain that will showcase Inga alley cropping, tropical biodiversity, and provide an income for local people. Here are some images about progress at FunaVid you may not be aware of.

Solar panels, hydroelectricity and extension of visitor accommodation at FunaVid. Whereas RFS has not contributed financially to these developments they nonetheless form part of the whole that we are supporting.

Last September’s internship students at FunaVid with staff, in front of the extension to the tourist house.

Dr. Valle is doing agroforestry research with other tress. Inga has many fantastic properties (see the RFS July 2012 newsletter no. 35), but it is important to find more species that might suit different conditions, or in case there were problems like disease with the Inga. These photos show moluca trees before and after pruning.

This is Marco Valle’s demonstration Inga plot and nursery on a farmer’s land in the Cangrejal basin. He has about 500 Inga edulis planted there, and some other species too. There is much deforestation in the Cangrejal basin.

And finally, is there wildlife at FunaVid for tourists to see? Sure there is. This lovely toucan flew into the window at FunaVid, was placed in a bush, recovered and flew away.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.




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