No.67 Can you make a Christmas donation to Rainforest Saver?
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 67 December 2015

Can you make a Christmas donation to Rainforest Saver?

This year we have been very fortunate and have got three grants. But that does not reduce our need for donations. If anything, the opposite, if we are to make the most of this great good fortune. Grants are restricted to specific, precisely defined purposes. We must raise other money to keep functioning.

We are run by passionate volunteers, so our administrative overheads are almost non-existent. But there are always other expenses such as a living allowance to our Cameroon partner so that he can work full time on the Inga project, follow up of several individual plots, currently including several with no Inga comparison plots, and much more.

Your donation is very much needed, and will be very much appreciated. Whatever you give will go straight to the work.

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Gaston Bityo inspecting maize grown with Inga, and giving training on the Inga system.

Two of the grants are for our Cameroon partner, Gaston Bityo, to do  three thorough training sessions with NGO or community leaders and selected farmers. In time they should become capable of spreading the Inga system on their own. We hope that this will then take some of the pressure off Gaston, while greatly increasing our reach. Some of these NGO leaders are working with substantial numbers of people and want to introduce the Inga to them. Most  have already started, so ensuring that they know how to continue is urgent.

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Atanga in his successful Inga nursery, and planting out seedlings. He is one of the NGO leaders.


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Tabouguie, another trainee, enthusiastically watering his seedlings.


The third grant is for an exciting new project in Ecuador. We had the contacts, and a funder who considered this project fitted what they wanted to fund, so we grabbed the opportunity.


So now we are supporting projects in three countries, Honduras, Cameroon and Ecuador. But we have had enquiries from many more. Some day we hope to be able to expand to many of these places, but first we need successful projects in the existing places to build on.

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Basic rainforest map from



Best wishes for a very happy Christmas and New Year to you all,





Tiiu-Imbi Miller, Mrs., PhD.


The Rainforest Saver Foundation 

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