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Would you like to make a better world by saving the rainforests and relieving poverty all in one go? Then Join us!

Did you know that there are over 200 MILLION farmers in the tropics practicing slash and burn farming which destroys the rainforests while keeping the farmers very poor? We are a small active group promoting the little known but well tried and tested alternative way of farming called Inga alley cropping. It enables the farmer to make a better living without burning more forest. It even enables them to re-fertilize degraded land that they had previously given up on as useless, because they had already cultivated it too long.

If that sounds like a good idea then please join our small, friendly group where every person counts, and help us to promote this WIN-WIN technology.

The annual membership is £25 (about $40), but only £15 (about $22) for the unwaged or otherwise really hard up. Family membership for two partners and their children under 18 is £35 (about $55). You can pay by PayPal on this site (Donate now or click Donate at the top of the page). Please write ‘membership’ in the Purpose line on the PayPal form and fill out the form below.  

OR you can make a bank transfer to:
Rainforest Saver SCIO,
Bank of Scotland, Sort code 80-22-60, a/c number 20947769

OR you can write a cheque to Rainforest Saver SCIO, and post it to:
Dr. Patrick Miller
Rainforest Saver SCIO
33 Pentland View
EH10 6PY

Rainforest Saver does not share your personal details with anyone else.


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