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Double Your Impact with Matched Donations

Big Give Campaign is Live: ends April 25th 

From April 18th to April 25th, every £ you donate will be matched, offering a one of chance to amplify your contribution up to our target of £10,000. This splendid opportunity is courtesy of The Big Give Green Match Fund.

The donation page is here.

Women learning & preparing for an Inga plot, at Siekopai Indigenous community

As we gear up for the Big Give Green Match Fund, we’re making great progress in the field. In Ecuador, we’re thrilled to announce that over 100 farms now have Inga plots in collaboration with us.

Even more encouraging? Many neighbouring farms, inspired by the success they’ve seen, have independently planted their own Inga plots without our direct intervention. It’s precisely the ripple effect we aim for and a testament to the impact your support can have!

Please help us to support more farms this year. Save the date for the Big Give Campaign.

In Cameroon harvesting has been taking place. Below, you can see a good crop of cassava from a farm in Fabe (picture March 2024).

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The donation page is here.