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Cameroon Project-Atanga Wilson

Atanga Wilson Nebafor is the energetic and committed leader of a local Cameroon registered NGO, MUCODEF (Municipal and Community Development Forum), founded in 2004. He is from Buea in the South of the Anglophone region.  In 2016 he was trained in Inga alley cropping by Gaston Bityo.

Village workshop introducing Inga alley cropping, Alori village.

Firstly he has introduced Inga to 102 farmers from 16 villages, of whom 87 have Inga alleys and the remaining 15 have Inga in their cocoa plantations (to date, July 2022). There are many more community leaders in the region that are waiting for him to be able to provide them Inga seed/seedlings and demonstrate to the farmers how to do it.  We need more money to enable this. Furthermore he wants to encourage existing farmers to increase the size of their plots, which are currently very small. This is best done by the farmers themselves keeping a tree or two unpruned to give seed to increase their plantation size.  

Secondly he has also planted Inga plots at some schools with the schools’ nature clubs.

School children planting Inga.

Thirdly he  is participating in studying aspects of the Inga system to make it as productive as possible.  For instance farmers have grown maize, beans and cocoa with and without the help of Inga. Yields were found to be much better with Inga.(see [link to ‘Inga restores soil fertility’ on this site]) for the data.  Also when seed is produced close to where it is to be  planted it might be easier to plant the seeds directly into the ground (bareroot method) rather than  first into polybags.  Atanga has compared this bareroot method with planting in standard polybags.  In his experience the polybags worked best (see [link to ‘Lessons learned’ on this site])

Reaching a village is not always easy for Atanga.