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  • MongabayAn extensive and comprehensive website which includes recent news and discussion of important environmental issues as well as a lot of background information, and many good photos.

  • Raintree –  A very readable account of the value of the rainforests and the threats to them. Includes a look at subsistence farming, which in many places could be replaced by Inga alley cropping, leaving more intact rainforest to be better used. “In fact, the latest statistics prove that rainforest land converted to cattle operations yields the landowner $60 per acre; if timber is harvested, the land is worth $400 per acre. However, if medicinal plants, fruits, nuts, rubber, chocolate, and other renewable and sustainable resources are harvested, the land will yield the landowner $2,400 per acre.”  This is a commercial site. Clicking through the site shows what a wealth of products can be obtained from the rainforest.

  • Green FactsGives a good summary of FAO report and discusses the relevance of forests to climate change. 

  • Pennington, T.D. and Fernandes E.C.MThe Genus Inga:  Utilization The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 1998  Particularly chapter 5: Hands, M.R.  The uses of Inga in the acid soils of the rainforest zone: Alley-cropping sustainability and soil-regeneration. 

  • Sustainable Harvest InternationalSustainable Harvest have improved the lives of many poor families in four countries of Central America, and planted millions of trees. Their philosophy is similar to ours: to save the people and in so doing save the environment. 

  • Trees for the FutureThey promote the sustainable Forest Gardens agroforestry system.

  • Ecologic Development FundEcoLogic works with poor, rural communities to help them become better environmental stewards in order to save their forests and water in ways that improve their living conditions. 

  • Forget trees and carbon: trees and rain is the real problemPeter Bunyard. Highly recommended. The title says it all.

  • The Rainforest SaverDaniel Elkan

  • Alara WholefoodsSee the rationale (and generosity) of Alara Wholefoods as our first Carbon Partner

  • Carbon calculator – This is the most complete calculator for personal CO2 we have found.

  • Valuing Los Cedros Reserve Carbon Stocks 2020 Cosimano, Fullenkamp, Peel and Thomas 

 Recommendations from our readers

  • A Guide to Tree Conservation and the EnvironmentWhat is a tree, why do they matter and how can you grow them and care for them? We thank Danielle from North Central Plains Charter School in Texas for recommending this link. The site is an excellent resource of references, and includes a section for kids too.

  • Tree ConservationA useful list of links to many aspects of tree conservation – the how and the why. it is suitable for both adults and children. We thank Jerry, the school student who sent us the link.