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The Way Forward

Much remains to be done. We need to bring more farmers into the projects, and have them scale up their Inga plots, so that they truly contribute to the prosperity of many people and stop forest being cleared. We want to continue to refine the Inga system itself, to develop it to be as effective as possible and to share best practices. We need to continue to discover even better ways of persuading farmers to try it. Most of all we need to get this technique adopted much more widely so that it makes a really significant difference both to reduce poverty and to preserve our precious rainforests. 

Linus’s venture into pig farming to prevent the illegal hunting in Korup National Park (and other such places) is a new and exciting departure from our usual approach.  The success of that will largely depend on whether they can plant the Inga alleys needed to grow the food for the pigs cheaply themselves, or at least a large part of it, rather than rely on expensive commercial food for the pigs. This will thus be a further test and demonstration of the effectiveness of the Inga system.

Planting Inga, Ecuador.