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Our Constitution

We aim to support work on projects whose objective is to relieve poverty among subsistence farmers in the humid tropics, and protect or improve the environment in rainforest or former rainforest areas. In particular, we aim to do that by promoting the Inga alley cropping technique.

Our registered postal address is
The Rainforest Saver Foundation
33 Pentland View
EH10 6PY
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)131-477-6970

The Trust

Antony Melville MSc


Antony Melville is a linguist by background but also a keen botanist and naturalist. He spent 25 years travelling the world selling books and translation rights for publishers, latterly as International Sales Director at Dorling Kindersley; thus learning enough Spanish to aid in communication talking to farmers about their use of Inga alley cropping in Honduras. He has recently completed an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College.

Dr. Tiiu-Imbi Miller


Tiiu has a keen interest in environmental issues and has previously been instrumental in running a children’s club in aid of saving rainforests. Tiiu has a passion for science and she applies that background to understanding the scientific issues relevant to rainforests and alley cropping. Outside the charity she is now retired, owning and running a small craft business.

Dr. Patrick Miller


Patrick has supported many environmental and human rights charities. He is a retired academic who has a degree in chemistry and psychology. He has an interest in statistics and this was deemed to fit him for the post of treasurer of Rainforest Saver. Outside the charity his chief hobbies are gardening and chess.

Nicola Peel

Nicola Peel is an award-winning environmentalist and Solutionist. She has spent 20 years working in the Ecuadorian Amazon founding and coordinating numerous social and environmental projects. She co-founded the Amazon MycoRenewal Project bringing scientists to the Amazon to experiment using fungi to remediate contaminated sites, she has built rainwater harvesting systems for hundreds of families most in need, cleaned up communities by building with eco-bricks (plastic bottles filled with rubbish) and helped found Inga alley cropping in the Amazon. She is also a filmmaker who travelled from the headwaters of the Amazon down river to Brazil to make the feature documentary Blood of the Amazon and is an inspirational speaker at numerous events around the world. Winner of the People’s Environment Award. Finalist in the Guardian Observer Ethical Awards.

Sally Marullo

Committee Member
For most of my professional life I worked as a researcher, journalist and editor, latterly for Thomson Reuters, specialising in international labour markets, recruitment and employment law. Alongside that, I have been active in my local inner city community helping to promote activities and engagement particularly among older citizens who are often marginalised by change. As a lifelong internationalist and keen walker, I have become increasingly concerned about the environment, and its links with poverty and food security.

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New Regions Mapped

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Farmer Updates

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How the Donation Money is Allocated

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Land Saved

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